LED Digital W1209 Thermostat Temperature Control Thermometer



Temperature range :-50-110 °

Color :Blue ,Green ,Red
Dimensions: 48.5 * 40mm
Temperature control mode: ON / OFF
Resolution:When temperature is 0.1°, the resolution is -9.9~99.9, other temperature segment is 1°
Control accuracy: 0.1 °
Hysteresis accuracy: 0.1°
Refresh rate: 0.5S
High temperature protection: 0-110°
Supply voltage: DC 12V
Static current: ≤ 35MA, attract current ≤ 65MA
Output voltage: DC 12V
Output power: 20A relay
Measurement input: NTC (10K 0.5%) Waterproof Sensor

Environmental requirements: -10 ~ 60 ° ,Humidity 20% -85%


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